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Cat Names

A new kitten! What an exciting time! But what will you call him? Maybe the name came right to you, but at other times it may not be so easy.

Whether you’ve decided to re-name an adopted kitten’s shelter name, or want to include your friends and family in on the fun, there are many interesting naming methods to choose from.


Familar Name
Many people choose to name their cat in memory of a beloved childhood or family pet. Providing your new addition with a recognized family pet name will make them feel right at home in your family.


Popularity Contest
Search the Internet for top cat names and you'll find an plenty of names. The popularity of cat names of course depends on the country you live in, and language(s) you speak.


Personalized Name Based on Behaviors
Giving your kitten a completely unique name based on his behaviors or interests can be fun! How about Nibby Nose, Fisky, Lightening or Zig-zag? You can hold a crazy cat-naming contest. The possibilities for cat names are endless.


Smoky, Coco, or Sunset
Are you looking for that purr-fect cat name that just fits your Kitty? Many cats are named based on some physical characteristic such as their coat color.

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