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Pet Chiropractic

There are many reasons why your cat or dog may needs chiropractic care. Does your pet:

  • Hesitate from jumping off the couch because they fear getting hurt
  • Have difficulty getting on and off the couch
  • Have a decreased level of energy or seems lazy
  • Seem lethargic
  • Have short or uneven strides
  • Drag their feet or stumble
  • Have Hip dysplasia "like" symptoms
  • Have stressful times
  • Have adnormal posture when standing or are their hips uneven
  • Have a diagnosed conditions, such as degenerative arthritis
  • Wring or tuck it's tail
  • Exhibit pain when taking off or putting on collar
  • Have injuries resulting from a fall


Chiropractic is essential for anyone who has a spine, including pets. If you see any of these behaviors with your pet, they may need chiropractic care. Check with you Vet before scheduling an appointment with a Pet Chiropractor.

Bucks County

Huntingdon Valley Chiropractic Centre

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Pets Are Inn, Inc. is a Dog and Pet Boarding Business located in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. We provide loving pet boarding in pre-screened and approved host family homes.

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