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If you recently purchased a four legged companion, you probably are thinking about getting him or her trained. As you know any trainer won't do. According to The Association for Force Free Pet Professionals these are questions you should ask potential dog trainers.

Q: What dog training equipment do you use or should I use?
A: Equipment should be pain free for the dog.


Q: What happens in your training when a dog responds the way you want them to respond?
A: They receive positive reinforcement.


Q: What happens in your training when a dog responds the way you don't want them to respond?
A: Bad behavior should be redirected.


Q: How will you punish my dog or advise me to punish them when he does something wrong or exhibits a behavior I don't like?
A: Ensure they are teaching dog age-appropriate skills.


Q: How do you ensure my dog is not being inadvertently punished?
A: It would be reflected in the dog's demeanor or performance.


Q: How do you know the type of reinforcement you selected to train my dog is appropriate?
A: You and the trainer will determine the most suitable reinforcement for your dog based on what he likes or what best motivates him.


Q: How will you know when my dog is stressed during training?
A: Professional trainers are educated and experiencesd in interpreting canine communication.


Q: What professional dog training associations are they a member of?
A: membership in organizations that promote humane, ethical training methods.


Q: Do they guarentee results?
A: Professional trainers work in tandem with you to effect the most appropriate behavior change in line with your goals. Results will depend on your level of commitment.


Q: How do they think a dog's behavior should be addressed if they are growling or snapping at people or other dogs?
A: A professional will look to see if your dog is overly aroused or has a genuine fear or aggression issue. They will work with your dog's emotional response.


Q: What are your credentials?
A: A professional dog trainer should be able to provide credentials. By being certified, it shows their dedication to providing quality training.


Q: Do you update your education?
A: All true educators keep current on their education.


Q: Do you carry professional liability insurance?
A: A true professional will carry insurance.


Q: How long have you been training professionally?
A: Experience is a key component in education.


Q: Does the trainer have hobbies with their own dogs?
A: If their methods really work they will have dogs of their own that they enjoy being around.


By being prepared informed ahead of time, you will be able to make the best choice for you and your pet.


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Training Tails Dog Training

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Lower Bucks Dog Training Club, INC

  • 8746 New Falls Road
  • Levittown, PA 19054
  • 215-493-1201


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